Twelve Sky 2


Guide To Play:

0. Download uTorrent

1. Download Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

2. Download Daemon Tool

3. Install Daemon Tool

4. Left Click the Daemon Tool icon after starting Daemon Tool on the bottom right then click Device 0 and select Disk 1 from where you've downloaded Warcraft 3 at.

5. Open the ReadMe text file in the same folder of the Warcraft 3 torrent you've just downloaded.

6. Run the mounted Warcraft 3, it should of auto run and install it. It'll ask for your name and CD key. The CD key is located in the readme file. The name can be anything.

7. Repeat the step 6 with Disk 2.

8. Mount Disk 3 and go to the patch folder. Drag the file inside into the Warcraft 3 directory where your game was installed. Run the patch.

9. Now drag the files in the Mounted Disk 3 inside the Crack folder into the Warcraft 3 directory.

10. Now download Garena.

11. Install & Run Garena, then register & log in. You may be required to update. When done please locate setting and then locate WC:TFT or something along those lines in the Setting menu. Click it and browse to the exe file of The Frozen Throne which is located in your Warcraft 3 directory.

12. Now click finish and you're done.

DISCLAIMER: If you are stuck or are having issue, ask Veng/Vest for help. GC is in no way giving support. =D


Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne:

Daemon Tool:

Torrent Downloader: