Twelve Sky 2

Download Links: Client(900mb~): Patches/Fixes(5mb~):


Instructions to Install: 1. Run the Installer, install to any location. 2. Run Serious Sam HD Patch and browse to your Serious Sam Bin folder. 3. Copy file: "d3dx9_42.dll" from the second download and bring it to the "Bin" folder in where you installed Serious Sam. 4. Extract TeknoSam1.0.rar to your Serious Sam Bin folder. 5. Run dxwebsetup, let it install. 6. Run TunngleSetup_v4.3.0.3, you will be prompted to restart computer upon completion.


Instructions to Play: 1. Start Tunngle/Login 2. Click the "Community Tab", then Network and click Browse. 3. A new column will appear, click shooter and look for "Serious Sam HD", the list of games are sorted alphabetically. Enter the Serious Sam HD room on Tunngel. 4. Start Serious Sam HD from "TeknoGods_SamHD.exe" in your Bin Folder. (It is advised to make a shortcut for it so you won't have to go back to it everytime.) 5. In-Game go to Options/Multiplayer Settings. You can change your name and character. Be noted you should change your Network speed to "Lan". 6. Go to Join Game & Enjoy!?


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